Closed for Winter

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The mid year houses are shut and peace is settling over the bank of Vestfold, however the harvest time haze covers detestable deeds. In the novel ‘Shut for Winter’, William Wisting has another case to comprehend amid the off-season. Ove Bakkerud, recently isolated and to a great degree frustrated, is anticipating a last calm end of the week at his late spring home before shutting for winter be that as it may, when the travelers leave, less welcome guests arrive. Bakkerud’s house is stripped by criminals. Adjacent he finds the body of a man who has been pounded the life out of. Police Inspector William Wisting has seen peculiar murders previously, however the distress he finds in this most recent murder is something new. Against his desires his little girl Line chooses to remain in one of the mid year bungalows at the mouth of the fjord. Wisting’s unease does not reduce when they find a few more bodies on the left archipelago. In the mean time, dead winged animals are dropping from the sky


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