A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows: An Outlander Novella

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In this unique Outlander novella, Diana Gabaldon uncovers what truly happened to Roger MacKenzie Wakefield’s folks. Stranded amid World War II, Roger trusted that his mom passed on amid the London Blitz, and that his dad, a RAF pilot, was executed in battle. Be that as it may, in An Echo in the Bone, Roger finds this may not be the entire story. Presently, in “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows,” perusers take in reality.

Acclaim for Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander arrangement

“All you’ve generally expected from Gabaldon . . . enterprise, history, sentiment, dream.”— The Arizona Republic, on An Echo in the Bone

“An amazing enterprise composed on a canvas that tests the heart, measures the spirit and measures the human soul crosswise over ten ages.”— CNN, on The Fiery Cross

“Idealist chronicled fiction taking care of business.”— San Antonio Express-News, on Drums of Autumn

“A devour for eager perusers of eighteenth-century Scottish history, gallantry and sentiment.”— Kirkus Reviews, on Outlander


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